Putting, albeit being the shortest shots that you play in a game of golf, can often be just as, if not more difficult, than any other stroke. You have to be more on the money with where you want the ball to end up when putting, because the aim is to sink it into a pesky little hole that isn’t much bigger than the ball itself.

Then when you take into account the slope and angle of greens, and the distance of longer puts, you have a lot more to factor into the equation, which means that putting well can prove to be rather difficult.

Lucky for you though, we have put together three little tips that you can work into your game that will drastically improve your putting. So, are you ready to get out there on the green and start sinking some puts? Well let’s go then!

1: Judge Putting Distance From The Side

Judge the Putt From the Side, Not From Behind the Ball.
Image Source: Media.Defense.Gov

When you approach your put, judge the distance between your ball and the hole from the side of your put, not from behind the ball or hole. Judging the distance from the side will give you the most accurate reflection of the distance because it is much easier to gain a perspective of the distance from a landscape point of view.

Take a mental note of your estimated distance and then go back to your ball to continue with your read.

2: Try The ‘Clock Drill’ During Practice

The "Clock Drill" will Help You Adapt Your Swing Based on Distance.
Image Source: Pexels

This is a drill that can give you a great sense of distances when putting, and more importantly, how to change and adapt your swing based on the distance

To perform this training exercise, find yourself a quiet spot on the putting green and grab yourself a hole. Place four balls around the hole at ninety degree separations, with each ball the same distance from the hole (see the above image.)

Now, work your way around putting the balls into the hole. Each time you make it all the way around, move the balls back a couple of feet and go again. Every time you mess up you must start from the beginning.

3: Use A Large Grip When Putting

There are a huge variety of ways to grip a golf club, but it’s always a great idea to use a large grip in particular when putting. The reason behind this is to give you more control and more control is always a benefit wherever golf is concerned.

Your control will be improved because having a large swing will ensure that the swing stays in your shoulders and body, which means your arms won’t start to flail off course causing you to hit the ball way off your mark. Give it a try next time you’re on the green, you’ll surely notice a difference.

Now Hit The Green

There you have it, three great ways to improve your putting game. Now, when you next go for a round, make sure to compare your card with previous cards, and take a note of how many strokes you saved yourself simply by upping your putting. We bet you are surprised at the results!