Golf is one of those sports that has way more to offer than just the art of playing it, predominantly in the form of luscious scenery and views to die for. This sensation is only heightened in a beautiful place such as Canada.

With its abundance of leafy woodlands with their huge redwoods and the unparalleled green of its grass, right through to the snowy hilltops and striking beams of sun – Canada is quite frankly one of the most glorious places on earth.

So, if you’re a major golf fan who also happens to love the wonderful scenery of Canada, then you’ve come to the right place.

1: Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler has Many Great Courses.
Image Source: Flickr

If it’s a mountainous, snowy round of golf that you’re after, that has enough spectacular scenery to strike warmth into the heart of even the iciest hearts, then this is the place for you.

Whistler has many great courses: Big Sky Golf and Country Club, Whistler Golf Club, Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club – to name a few, and all of them are equally wonderful. Out here in the mountains, drives seem to float forever against the backdrop of the blissful sky, the air always has a fresh feel to it, and the condition of the courses is always perfect.

If you’re after good golf with some mean attitude, Whistler would be a great place to start.

2: Prince Edward Island

On Prince Edward Island Golf is as Fun as the Locals.
Image Source: Wikimedia

Some notable courses on this beach-dominant island include: Mill River Golf Course, Dundarave Golf Club and Brudenell River Golf Course.

On this island the golf is almost as fun as the laidback lifestyle of the place. You’re sure to come across some extremely generous locals (it is still Canada after all) and you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a caddy to carry your finest club selection.

You can be sure to expect some surreal views as you tee off looking out over the coastline and taking not of all the wonders that come with it. Island life really is the best; just make sure you don’t shank your drive. Ending up in the on-course water is one thing, but my guess is that ending up in the ocean is a whole new ballgame.

3: Muskoka, Ontario

Two hours north of Toronto, this golfing paradise is home to many great courses: Bigwin Island Golf and Country Club, Taboo Golf Club, Rocky Crest Golf Club and Muskoka Bay Club all make the list.

Perhaps the most interesting course from the bunch is the Bigwin Island course, which is only reachable via a five-minute boat ride. Hopefully when you get there, you’ll be able to battle your way through the tough terrain and wind, and can pull off the name of the course itself – a big win.

Pack Your Bags – And Don’t Forget Your Clubs

Now you have plenty of places to go over the summer, plenty of places to try out that new driver you never quite got round to using last year. There are many places with great golfing locations around the world, and Canada is certainly up there with the very best. Grab your clubs, grab your friends, and get out there and play the beautiful game in an equally beautiful environment.