Aspen Grove is known for its friendly atmosphere and is quite walkable and affordable with a quiet, country atmosphere.

Course Information

The course opened in 1971 with 9 holes and expanded to 18 holes in 1986.
It is very walkable which gives you time to enjoy the friendly country atmosphere.
The course yardages are accurate as are the sprinkler heads, so no excuses there.
Lots of birdies can be had especially on the front 9.

Beware of greens that are elevated, you may require more club than normal.


There is a dress code at Aspen Grove Golf Course.



large covered barbecue area for tournaments


Driving Range

Putting Green

Club Rentals

Cart Rentals

Note: 1) Our driving range is partially covered. 2) Power carts should be pre-booked.

  • Pro Shop
  • Lounge (Licensed)
  • 2 RV sites within 5 kms of course
  • Tournaments Welcome
  • Snack Bar
  • Club repairs and alterations are available
  • For repairs (250-963-7439)




Hole #1 – par 4

Mellow dogleg left that requires a decent tee shot. That means don’t go left that will be a brief stint in jail. Block out the gallery on the clubhouse sundeck and hit your drive at the gap or the wood shelter which is straightaway through the dogleg.

Longer hitters may want to hit a big draw aimed at the tress on the right. There is a pond behind the green so be careful not to go long!

Hole #2 – par 4

Be sure to wait for the group ahead to ring the bell before teeing off. If you are a long hitter give them an extra 30 seconds as the tee shot is blind.

The locals say a 72 Triumph TR6 is buried in the bank dead centre so a solid drive over that will be fine. The green is elevated as are several at Aspen so you may want to hit extra club on your approach.

Hole #3 – par 4

If you have to wait for the group in front you could run to the clubhouse for that snack or beverage or wait on the tee and think over your strategy. For this short hole there is danger both sides of the green. If you didn’t put a ball in the pond on the right already when you played #1 this could be your chance! Consider laying up for an easy birdie or par. Naaaaah!

Hole #4 – par 3

One of the toughest par 3’s anywhere with OB left. Should be no problem just bail right over by the YULE tree, chip on and single putt. If you can do that you’re probably 2 under already.

Beware of people hitting across canyon from #18 tee if you hear another bell. check out the beaver dam as you walk across the bridge to #5.

Hole #5 – par 4

One of the easiest holes on the course. If you happen to have a slight left to right driver then aim well left, the folks coming down #17 will understand, provided you don’t start the hole with a Top-Flite and somehow finish with a Titlest. Any drive will do as long as it goes at least 150 yds. The green slopes towards you and will accept your approach. A bogey here is a downer.

Check out the 3 bears on your way to #6. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!!

Hole #6 – par 3

Basic par 3 with trouble on the left. It’s only a red hazard but you probably won’t find your ball and the squirrels will chastise you as you drop a ball on the edge and try to get up and down for bogey.

You might see a few deer in this area of the course. Please don’t scare them, they could cause maintenance issues.

Hole #7 – par 3

Plays a little uphill green slopes front to back. A ball landing just on the fringe will find the green but short of that will not advance much. If the hole is cut in the back half of the green and you ace it you might not see it go in.

That’s enough dreaming, par is good here, move on!

Hole #8 – par 5

Slight dogleg right. There are 2 ponds on the right side of the fairway that are reachable from the tee so beware. Play your shots down the left side which is fairly narrow. If you choose to carry the ponds its about 150 yds end to end. A spit of land separates the ponds and serves as a drop area should your ball not clear the second pond. The red winged blackbirds will dive bomb you as you walk by their nest in the bull rushes.

Hole #9 – par 4

This is a good time to hit your best drive of the day. Just right of centre will give you a good look at the green. Years ago Vern planted a small tree on the left side of the fairway about 30 yds short of the green. That tree is a monster now and guards the green against faders. Hookers welcome!


Hole #10 – par 4

Guard your snacks from the squirrels on the 10th tee but toss the birds a few crumbs for good luck on the back 9. #10 may well be the signature hole at Aspen. The geography slopes right towards Provy Creek which runs tee to green. Stay left and find the postage stamp landing area for an easy approach. If you can reach the green with your tee shot then you can also reach water on the left as well so you better be comitted if you’re going for it. Too much info!! Make your birdie here, IT’S NOT GOING TO GET ANY EASIER!

Hole #11 – par 3

Tee and green are pretty much level so choose the right weapon and fire away. The green will accept a good shot. There is room to miss it on the right but left is not good.

Hole #12 – par 3

The next 4 holes have elevated greens so you might want to hit extra on your approach.

#12 requires an accurate tee shot. OB right, miss left and it’s a tough up & down. The wind can swirl like #12 at Augusta but is usually in your face. The green breaks to the bottom left. Good luck.

Hole #13 – par 4

Usually the long drive hole at Aspen. Fast lane is right side. Be sure to avoid the OB which is further right. There is plenty of room to work the ball either way. If your approach lands short it won’t advance much unless you hit furniture in scottish style. Par is good here and the next hole is a birdie hole!

Hole #14 – par 4

Short hole, avoid the OB along the right side.

Driver gives you a short approach but do you trust your driver? 3 or 5 wood or even a long iron is plenty to get you into scoring position.

If you hit an iron it is not mandatory for a huge portion of the tee deck to accompany your ball.

This hole gives up lots of birdies.

Hole #15 – par 3

Things are looking good. This is the last par 3 and you’re still having fun!

Tough hole to par if you miss the green by much. Plays uphill, don’t be afraid to sauté your driver in there from 180 yds or more. Nobody will tell.

Hole #16 – par 4

A popular hole that is often the turning point in matches and tourneys. Dogleg right, elevated tee, grip & rip straigthaway. Try not to go too far right you may not have a clear shot at the green. But if you do, no problem, just carve it around or go up and over the trees. If you don’t clear them you’ll likely get a lucky bounce off the outhouse roof on to the green for an easy birdie putt.

Hole #17 – par 4

The longest par 4 on the track with OB right. A good drive will puT you in position to reach the green in 2. Fast lane is the left side so a big draw would be a great drive. You might meet some folks that are playing #5 from your fairway. Be careful of the OB behind the green. Par is a good score, a birdie is cause for celebration.

Take a look at the huge Russian willows on the right side. The moose keep them pruned in the winter so you can get a decent swing under their canopy.

Hole #18 – par 5

You will have to hit your drive over the gully so ignore it and focus on the landing area which is straight away. 2nd shot avoid the fenced lagoons on the left. 3rd shot on the green and 1 putt for birdie. This may not be as easy as having a beverage on the sundeck after your round.

Thanks very much for choosing our course, we hope you enjoyed it and would like to see you again!


Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Blue 347 392 243 234 296 158 163 501 396 2780
White 332 353 272 201 281 146 151 490 374 2600
Red 313 335 253 177 265 131 136 463 349 2422
Men's Par/HC 4/9 4/5 4/3 3/3 4/15 3/13 3/11 5/7 4/1 34
Ladies' Par/HC 4/7 4/5 4/13 3/9 4/11 3/17 3/15 5/1 4/3 34
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTALS
Blue 297 205 172 420 329 220 383 448 509 2983 5763
White 268 179 144 402 302 200 366 415 482 2758 5358
Red 182 152 112 381 270 165 347 376 373 2358 4780
Men's Par/HC 4/16 3/12 3/18 4/2 4/8 3/14 4/6 4/4 5/10 34 68
Ladies' Par/HC 3/10 3/16 3/18 4/2 4/2 3/14 4/6 4/4 4/8 32 66
Men's Rating (effective March 1, 2019) Women's Rating (effective March 1, 2019)
Course Slope Course Slope
Blue 67.1 112 Blue 73.0 126
White 65.0 105 White 70.0 117
Red 62.2 97 Red 66.7 105


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